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Tips: 100-1000Ul
Eppendorf microtube: 1.5ml
Eppendorf Tube: 1.5ml DNASE, RNASE Free
Eppendorf Tube: 1.5ml Natural
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About us: Super Biotech (Pvt) Ltd is a leading distribution, marketing and export oriented company which offers a comprehensive portfolio of products in Biotech research, Medical equipments, Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical formulations and products which are sourced from the most reputed companies located across the globe. Whether Mol bio kits, ladders, Muffle furnace, PCR Machines for the research personnel, finding Supar levels for the critically ill patients or the best quality medicines, our products meet the highest standards.
An experienced picking and packing team ensures that the products arrive at your doorstep quickly and in condition that you expect. An exclusive network of sales employees and our certified distributors ensure that the personalized advise, optimal service and support is always provided to our customers on time.